Client Testimonials from Our Past Clients

Client Testimonials from Our Past Clients

The following are exact quotes from actual former clients involving New York and New Jersey cases. We hope they will reassure you that our first priority is always the best interests of our clients:

“I was in my divorce action 4-1/2 years ago with no results until I retained Bill Leininger. Bill thoroughly evaluated my case and after careful review offered me options on how we could proceed and after so many years how we should correct existing problems. Bill and his capable staff were always available to answer all my questions and to address any problems and concerns. Thanks to his perseverance, expertise and professionalism, I received my divorce 4 months after retaining him.”

Ms. C.N.

“Bill’s staff is professional and compassionate with all clients. If you’re looking for good legal advice and not just what you want to hear, then you have come to the right Law Office of William J. Leininger.”

Ms. A.B.

“Mr. Leininger and his law firm did a wonderful job representing me in my efforts to gain full custody of my youngest daughter. I am so happy to say that my children are now all extremely happy, healthy and thriving. Thanks for putting my family back together!”

Mr. A.L.

“Bill and his staff were great. Bill was wonderful, he really pulled through for me when I needed him. Thank you.”

Ms. C.B.

“Divorce cases for Bill Leininger are an everyday matter. To me, it was a frustration trial. Nerves and tension were an everyday occurrence with me. Bill helped ease my frustration. He got things done and kept me informed.”

Mr. J.P.

“After speaking with several divorce attorneys, I decided to attend one of Bill’s seminars. At the end of the seminar, there was no reason to look any further, my mind was made up. Bill was the right attorney for the job. Throughout my divorce there was no doubt in my mind that I had made the right choice.”

Ms. G.S.

“I had the opportunity through my divorce process to watch Bill’s 30+ years of experience play out in the courtroom. Bill is truly a professional. Bill was, and is, only a phone call away. I’m completely satisfied with the services that Bill rendered.”

Mr. C.C.

“I was always very impressed with the client service I received. Mr. Leininger and his staff were very understanding of my needs.”

Dr. R.C.

“Bill was the best! Through a difficult time he was a friend”

Mrs. M.C.

“Bill Leininger represented me in a divorce and custody proceeding. He is an excellent attorney and he has integrity – a combination that was important to me and one that goes far with Judges.”

Mr. R.A.

The divorce mediation attorney, William Leininger worked for me tremendously. It saved me money, aggravation and time. The mediation helped us come to an agreement without the usual hostility a divorce usually brings.

Mrs. D.L.

My ex-wife and I agreed to most of our issues with our mediation process, and if there were issues, Bill would give both sides of the coin and helped us very much through a tough time. I would recommend Bill to anyone who is thinking of divorce.

Mr. W.L.

If Divorce Mediation sounds like a better alternative than expensive and emotionally charged divorce proceedings,  why not call Mr. Leininger at (941) 727-5555 and schedule a Free initial videoconference,  which will last approximately 30 minutes.  What have you got to lose?

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